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Non Tribal -Black American Heritage Flag 1967 3x5 Ft Banner (HD Printing, Durable 150D Polyester

The Black American Heritage Flag (also known as the African American Heritage Flag) is an ethnic flag that represents the culture and history of African American people. Each color and symbol on the flag has a significant meaning that was developed to instill pride in Black Americans, and provide them with a symbol of hope for the future in the midst of their struggle for Civil Rights.

The flag was created in 1967 by Melvin Charles and Gleason T. Jackson. The idea to create the flag came about during the civil rights erawhen Charles realized that every other group of people had a flag at parades except Black Americans. He saw how connected they were to their national flags, but didn't feel the same connection towards the American flag due to the negative historical and political implication that the American flag held in the minds of the Black American people

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Indigenous Black Americans Heritage Flag

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