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Beginner's Genealogy Class

Learn to trace indigenous black american ancestry.

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Service Description

Overview: This comprehensive Beginner's Genealogy Course is specifically designed for Black Americans interested in tracing their Indigenous ancestry and reconnecting with their American Indian heritage. Whether you're just starting your genealogical journey or have some experience, this course will provide you with the tools, resources, and guidance needed to uncover and understand your unique ancestral roots. Objectives: Introduce the basics of genealogy and family history research. Provide specialized methods and strategies for tracing "African" American and Indigenous ancestry. Offer practical tips for overcoming common genealogical challenges. Highlight the significance of reconnecting with American Indian heritage and cultural identity. Content: Introduction to Genealogy: Understanding the basics of genealogy. The importance of preserving family history. Tools and resources for beginning genealogical research. Research Techniques: How to start your family tree. Collecting and organizing family documents and oral histories. Utilizing online databases and archives. Tracing Black American Ancestry: Challenges and strategies specific to African American genealogy. Understanding the impact of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement on family records. Resources for African American genealogical research. Identifying Indigenous Ancestry: Historical context of Indigenous ancestry within Black American families. Methods for discovering Indigenous roots. Understanding tribal affiliations and records. Utilizing DNA Testing: Overview of DNA testing and its role in genealogy. Interpreting DNA test results. Connecting with genetic relatives and tribal communities. Overcoming Common Challenges: Addressing gaps in historical records. Strategies for verifying family stories and oral traditions. Tips for dealing with brick walls in research. Connecting with Your Heritage: The importance of reconnecting with American Indian heritage. Cultural practices and traditions. Building relationships with tribal communities. Advanced Research Techniques: Deepening your research skills. Accessing specialized records and archives. Participating in genealogical societies and groups. Join us!

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