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Genealogy 1 on 1 LIVE search

1 on 1 research live on zoom for those who may be stuck on their tree.

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

One of our staff members taking over your family tree for 1 hour and leading you down the path of discovery. It is recommended that you have an account for this service, You can sign up for the free trail once you book this service. We will be doing 1 hour of LIVE screensharing research. Learn proven techniques from where to start and how to trace American Indian lineages and heritage. Black American have one of the most unique ancestral make up than any other group of blacks globally. Learn the ins and out of navigating this unique blend of different ethnic group and the complex history associated with it. Well briefly discuss the importance of genealogy and its political power. The socioeconomic impact not claiming the correct heritage has on the currently mislabeled group. How to regain tribal affiliation and much more. Tracing Roots: A Comprehensive Genealogy Journey" Course Description: Embark on a captivating voyage through time and ancestry with our "Tracing Roots" genealogy course. This meticulously crafted program is designed for both beginners and intermediate enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive exploration of the tools, techniques, and historical contexts needed to unveil the rich tapestry of your family's past. Key Course Components: Introduction to Genealogy: Gain a foundational understanding of genealogy, exploring the importance of preserving family history and the role genealogy plays in shaping personal identity. Research Fundamentals: Dive into the essential skills required for effective genealogical research, including how to navigate archives, libraries, and online databases. Learn to evaluate and interpret various historical records. Technology and Tools: Please sign-up for a free account prior to booking this service. Embrace the power of technology in genealogy. Discover how to leverage genealogical software, DNA testing, and online platforms to streamline your research process and connect with a broader community. Building Your Family Tree: Learn the art of constructing a detailed family tree. Understand the significance of documenting relationships, events, and historical context to create a vivid representation of your lineage. Note: This service does NOT guarantee the discovery of anything.

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