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Genealogy Consultation

30 minute consultation.

  • 15 minutes
  • 65 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Roots Insight: 30-Minute Genealogy Consultation" Are you ready to kickstart your journey into the past and unlock the mysteries of your family history? Our "Roots Insight" 25-minute genealogy consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to dip your toes into the world of genealogical discovery. Here's what you can expect: Overview: In this focused and personalized consultation, our experienced genealogists will provide you with a snapshot of how you can begin or enhance your genealogical journey. Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance on where to start or an intermediate researcher with specific questions, this consultation is designed to offer clarity and direction. What's Included: Introduction and Goal Setting: We start by getting to know you and understanding your specific goals for your genealogical research. Whether you're interested in tracing a particular lineage, exploring geographical roots, or uncovering ethnic connections, we tailor the consultation to your unique needs. Guidance on Resources: Receive expert advice on the most effective resources and tools for your specific research objectives. From online databases and archives to local resources, we'll point you in the right direction to maximize your research efficiency. Research Strategies: Learn key research strategies that align with your goals. Whether you're focused on historical records, DNA testing, or a combination of both, we'll provide actionable insights to help you make progress in your genealogical journey. Next Steps: Get a roadmap for your next steps in the research process. Whether it's refining search techniques, understanding the nuances of specific records, or incorporating DNA results, we'll guide you on the path forward. How It Works: Scheduling: Choose a convenient time for your 25-minute consultation from our available slots. Questionnaire: Fill out a brief questionnaire before the consultation, outlining your research goals and any specific questions or challenges you're facing. Consultation: Join the consultation at the scheduled time via a video call or phone call. Our genealogist will provide personalized insights and guidance based on your questionnaire. Follow-up Resources: Receive a summary of the consultation, including recommended resources and next steps, to help you continue your genealogical journey

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