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Indian in the Family?


"Some American Indians were counted as negro/colored/black, especially if they did not relocate to reservations. For example, one of my 7x great grands was full blood Choctaw in Mississippi. He did not relocate to Oklahoma during the time of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek (1832, I believe) because he lived with his tribe/family and his wife could not relocate with him (she was from a different NDN tribe and was a slave). Although he was a free man, he was called negro/colored because his skin was brown."

A History of Misnomer

Congress finds the following:


(1) Historically, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation (“Creek Nation”) were comprised of a confederacy of separate towns, Tribes, and peoples. Each town was a complete governmental unit in and of itself. Among those peoples were the Yamassee or Jamassi, who were reported to have emigrated from Africa prior to the European discovery of America.

-H. R. 4637 117th CONGRESS
1st Session Introduced in House (07/22/2021)

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