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    Who We Are:

     Step into the realm of the Urban American Indian Collective, where a profound journey awaits. Envisioned by the compassionate spirit of Veronica Bey in 2010, our roots delve deep into the soil of humanity. Veronica's recognition as one of the United Nations' 'Global 100 Most Influential People of African Descent' in 2018 echoes her commitment to noble causes. As a revered member of the Yamassee Nation of Seminoles, Veronica embodies the essence of indigenous wisdom and resilience.

Our Mission   

     Our collective stands as a beacon of social justice, an intersectionality platform that transcends boundaries and embraces the tapestry of humanity. At our core lies a sacred mission: to illuminate the path of re-education, with a special focus on the indigenous peoples of America and beyond. We embark on a sacred quest to reunite Black Indigenous Americans with their ancestral heritage, guiding them through the labyrinth of genealogy to reclaim what was once lost.

Our Vision

     In the labyrinth of history, we seek to rekindle the flames of autonomous socioeconomic networks and chiefdoms, nurturing the seeds of indigenous identities that have long been dormant. With reverence for tradition and a vision for the future, we bridge the chasm between urban aborigines and their roots, providing a sanctuary where colonial narratives unravel, and personal connections to heritage flourish anew.

In the heart of our endeavor lies the profound recognition that indigenous culture is the cradle of civilization, the timeless legacy of the Children of The Sun. Join us in this sacred dance of rediscovery, as we honor the oldest culture in the world and illuminate the path towards a brighter, more connected future. We are the global majority!

"Black Indigenous People of Color were/are everywhere! We are 80% of the worlds population." -Ilyasah Shabazz (Daugther of Malcolm X)

#BIPOC know as aborigines.





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