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If you are "African-American" with Ancestry in VA, NC, and SC, here is a list of surnames of FPOC= Free People Of Color = Indigenous/American Indians. Follow the link below and click on the surnames in your family to get information that will assist you with your genealogy research. Many of the these families are cross referenced as they intermarried and did business together, especially as it relates to marriages and land deeds, court records, etc..

Abel-Angus (Abel, Abshier, Acre, Adams, Africa, Ailstock, Alford, Allen, Alman, Alvis/ Allways, Ampey, Ancel, Anderson, Andrews, Angus, Anthony)

Archer-Avery (Archer, Armfield, Armstrong, Arnold, Artis, Ashberry, Ashby, Ashe, Ashton, Ashworth, Atkins, Atkinson, Aulden, Avery)

Bailey-Berry (Bailey, Baine, Baker, Balkham, Ball, Baltrip, Bannister, Banks, Barber, Barnett, Barlow, Barrow, Bartly/Bartlett, Bass, Bates, Battles, Bazden, Bazmore, Beckett, Bee, Bell, Bennett, Benson, Berry)

Beverly-Brogdon (Beverly, Bibbens/ Beavans, Bibby, Biddie, Bilberry, Bing, Bingham, Binns, Bizzell, Black, Blake, Blango, Blanks, Blizzard, Blue, Bluford, Bolling, Bolton, Bond, Boon, Booth, Bosman, Bow, Bowden, Bowers, Bowles, Bowman, Bowmer, Bowser, Boyd, Bradby, Branch, Brandican, Brandon/ Branham, Braveboy, Braxton, Brewington, Bright, Britt, Britton, Brodgon)

Brooks-Byrd (Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Brumejum/ Brumagen, Bryan, Bryant, Brewington/ Bruenton, Bugg, Bullard, Bunch, Bunday, Burden, Burke, Burkett, Barnett/Burnett, Burrell, Busby, Bush, Buss, Butcher, Butler, Byrd)

Campbell-Charity (Campbell, Cane, Cannady, Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cary, Case, Cassidy, Causey, Cauther, Chambers, Chandler, Chapman, Charity)

Chavis Family

Church-Cotanch (Church, Churchwell, Churton, Clark, Cobb, Cockran, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Combess, Combs, Conner, Connally, Cook, Cooley, Cooper, Copeland, Copes, Corn, Cornet, Cornish, Cotanch)

Cousins-Davenport (Cousins, Cowigg, Cox, Coy, Craig, Credit, Crane/ Craney, Croston, Cuff, Cuffee, Cumbo, Cunningham, Curle, Curtis, Custalow, Cuttillo, Cypress, Dales/ Dial, Dalton/ Dorton, Davenport)

Davis-Drew (Davis, Day, Dean, Deas, Debrix, Decoudrey, Demery, Dempsey, Dennis, Dennum/ Denham, De Rosario, Dixon, Dobbins, Dolby, Donathan, Douglass, Dove, Drake, Drew)

Driggers-Dutchfield (Driggers, Dring, Driver, Drury, Duncan, Dungee, Dungill, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunstan, Durham, Dutchfield)

Eady-Evans (Eady, Edge, Edgar, Edwards, Edwin, Elliott, Ellis, Elmore, Epperson, Epps, Evans)

Fagan-George (Fagan, Faggott, Farrar, Farthing, Fears, Ferrell, Fielding, Fields, Findley, Finnie, Fletcher, Flood, Flora, Flowers, Fortune, Fox, Francis, Francisco, Franklin, Frazier, Freeman, Frost, Fry, Fullam, Fuller, Fuzmore, Gallimore, Gamby, Garden, Gardner, Garner, Garnes, George)

Gibson-Gowen (Gibson, Gilbert, Gillett, Gilmore, Godett, Goff, Goldman, Goodman, Gordon, Gowen)

Grace-Hamlin (Grace, Graham, Grant, Grantum, Graves, Gray, Grayson, Gregory, Grice, Griffin, Grimes, Groom, Groves, Guy, Gwinn, Hacket, Hagins, Hailey, Haithcock, Hall, Ham, Hamilton, Hamlin)

Hammond-Hawley (Hammond, Hanson, Harden, Harmon, Harris, Harrison, Hartless, Harvey, Hatcher, Hatfield/Hatter, Hawkins, Hawley)

Haws-Hurst (Haws, Haynes, Hays, Hearn, Heath, Hedgepeth, Henderson, Hewlett, Hewson, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hilliard, Hilton, Hitchens, Hiter, Hobson, Hodges, Hogg, Hollinger, Holman, Holmes, Holt, Hood, Hoomes, Honesty, Horn, House, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Hulin, Hughes, Humbles, Hunt, Hunter, Hurley, Hurst)

Ivey-Jasper (Ivey, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jameson, Jarvis, Jasper)

Jeffery-Johnson (Jeffery, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Johns, Johnson)

Joiner-Lee (Joiner, Jones, Jordan, Jumper, Keemer, Kelly, Kendall, Kent, Kersey, Key, Keyton, King, Kinney, Kitson, Knight, Lamb, Landum, Lang, Langston, Lansford, Lantern, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lee)

Lemon-Lytle (Lemon, Lephew, Lester, Lett, Leviner, Lewin, Lewis, Lighty, Ligon, Lively, Liverpool/ Pool, Locklear, Lockson, Locus/Lucas, Logan, Longo, Lowry, Lugrove, Lynam, Lynch, Lyons, Lytle)

McCarty-Martin (McCarty, McCoy, McCullum, McDaniel, McIntosh, Maclin, Madden, Magee, Mahorney, Major(s), Malbone, Male/ Mail, Manly, Mann, Manning, Manuel, Marshall, Martin)

Mason-Month (Mason, Matthews, Mayo, Mays, Meade, Mealy, Meekins, Meggs, Melvin, Miles, Miller, Mills, Milton, Mitchell, Mitchum, Mongom, Monoggin, Month)

Moore-Murrow (Moore, Mordick, Morgan, Morris, Mosby, Mosely, Moses, Moss, Mozingo, Muckelroy, Mumford, Munday, Muns, Murphay, Murray, Murrow)

Nash-Peters (Nash, Neal, Newman, Newsom, Newton, Nicholas, Nickens, Norman, Norris, Norton, Norwood, Nutts, Oats, Okey, Oliver, Otter/ Auter, Overton, Owen, Oxendine, Page, Pagee, Palmer, Parker, Parr, Parrot, Parsons, Patrick, Patterson, Payne, Peavy, Peacock, Pendarvis, Pendergrass, Perkins, Peters)

Pettiford-Riley (Pettiford, Phillips, Phillipson, Pickett, Pierce, Pinn, Pittman, Pitts, Plumly, Poe, Pompey, Pool, Portions, Portee/ Portiss, Powell, Powers, Poythress, Press, Price, Prichard, Proctor, Pryor, Pugh, Pursley, Rains, Ralls, Randall, Ranger, Rann, Ransom, Raper, Ratcliff, Rawlinson, Redcross, Redman, Reed, Reeves, Revell, Reynolds, Rich, Richardson, Rickman, Ridley, Riley)

Roberts-Sawyer (Roberts, Robins, Robinson, Rogers, Rollins, Rosario, Ross, Rouse, Rowe, Rowland, Ruff, Ruffin, Russell, Sample, Sampson, Sanderlin, Santee, Saunders, Savoy, Sawyer)

Scott-Skipper (Scott, Seldon, Sexton, Shepherd, Shoecraft, Shoemaker, Silver, Simmons, Simms, Simon, Simpson, Sisco, Skipper)

Slaxton-Stephens (Slaxton/Thaxton, Smith, Smothers, Sneed, Snelling, Soleleather, Sorrell, Sparrow, Spelman, Spiller, Spinner, Spriddle, Spruce, Spurlock, Stafford, Stephens)

Stewart Family

Stringer-Talbot (Stringer, Sunket, Swan, Sweat, Sweetin, Symons, Syphax, Taborn, Talbot)

Tann-Viers (Tann, Tate, Taylor, Teague, Teamer, Thaxton, Thomas, Thompson, Timber, Toney, Tootle, Toulson, Toyer, Tudor, Turner, Twopence, Tyler, Tyner, Tyre, Underwood, Valentine, Vaughan, Vena/Venie, Virtue/Verty, Vickory, Viers)

Walden-Webster (Walden, Walker, Wallace, Warburton, Warrick, Waters, Watkins, Weaver, Webb, Webster)

Weeks-Young (Weeks, Welch, Wells, West, Wharton, Whistler, White, Whitehurst, Whitmore, Wiggins, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winborn, Winn, Winters, Wise, Womble, Wood, Wooten, Worrell, Worsham, Wright, Young)

Samuel Hawkes, a formerly enslaved who was freed in Nottoway County, Virginia about 1836.

He moved to Gallia, Ohio, and then to Calvin Center, Michigan, where he was reported to have been the largest taxpayer.

He married Matilda Dungey, sister of Sarah Dungey who is shown on the first page of these photos.

Much of the nineteenth century genealogy for the above photos was taken from (rejected) Eastern Cherokee claims filed in 1907 [Files 35279, 35283].

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