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Why Are Native Americans Silent About This Type of Indigenous Erasure?

I'm deeply troubled by the contradictory narrative surrounding Native American ancestry and the erasure faced by Black Americans claiming their Indigenous heritage.

On one hand, we're told that Native Americans are descendants of migrants from Siberia, their ancestry traced back through millennia of migration and settlement. Yet, when Black Americans, with ample proof of their Indigenous roots, dare to reclaim their heritage, they are met with skepticism and dismissal. They'll completely ignore the documented history of Indigenous enslavement to gaslight someone into thinking their an African slave then Uno Reverse it and sat you're trying to erasure their heritage. What's even more delusional is that you can pull up all of their petition to the federal government online and through the BIA and they all admit t9 being enslaved themselves and being classified as negroes.

Walter Plecker, a notorious figure in the history of Indigenous erasure, wielded the power of paper genocide to strip away the identities of countless Black Americans with Native ancestry. His actions perpetuated a legacy of marginalization and denial, robbing individuals and communities of their rightful heritage.

The irony is palpable: while Native Americans rightfully demand recognition and respect for their ancestral ties, Black Americans are often denied the same acknowledgment, despite evidence of their Indigenous lineage. This double standard perpetuates a cycle of erasure and injustice, where one group's claim to Indigeneity is celebrated while another's is met with skepticism and disbelief.

It's time to confront this contradiction head-on and recognize the diverse tapestry of Indigenous identities within the United States. Black Americans with Indigenous heritage deserve the same rights and recognition as any other Indigenous group, and their voices must be heard in the ongoing struggle for justice and equality. We cannot claim to honor the Indigenous heritage of one group while erasing the identities of another. The question of what is it that they fear black indigenous americans will gain by claiming their Indigenous heritage?🤔



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